How to Select a Broker to Sell Your FedEx Ground Routes

Photo by Gian-Reto Tarnutzer

it makes financial sense to use a route broker for your FedEx Ground Route Sale.

An experienced broker understands the full sales process and and can help you avoid snags or pitfalls along the way. This experience both reduces your time commitment during the sales process and ensures you receive a healthy, fair market price for your routes.

Further, specialized brokers (such as Route Consultant) bring your route listing(s) to a larger pool of qualified buyers. One of our primary missions here at Route Consultant is to help potential buyers fully understand the FedEx Ground route business. Our large pool of educated buyers means you are more likely to attract a buyer FedEx Ground will approve during the sales process.

What can you look for in order to select the best-fit broker for your route sale(s)?

Seek a Specialist Broker

When selecting a broker, make sure you choose a broker that focuses exclusively on the sale of FedEx Ground routes who can ensure you represent your route information accurately. A broker with current contracting experience will understand the FedEx Ground sales process from top to bottom so they can help you prepare all of your documentation appropriately.

Additionally, they can help vet potential buyers so you secure someone FedEx Ground will approve. Further, brokers with FedEx Ground specialty can help you secure financing and excellent vendors for your new business.

Find a Broker Who Offers Win-Win Terms

Route brokers make money by collecting a small percentage of your route sale as a fee. The goal then is to sell your route to a highly qualified buyer for an accurate market price.

Because of our deep history in the industry, we are able to price routes well and move the sales process along efficiently. This generally results in sellers receiving a higher take-home amount even after they pay us for our services. Our goal is for every seller to leave the sales process thrilled that they worked with us.

To this end, Route Consultant charges no cost/fee if sellers find their own buyer at a higher profit than we can secure for you. We call these win-win terms.

Work with People You Enjoy Talking To Regularly

From pre-listing to closing, the route sales process may take a few months of your time. And in the course of that time you will be in regular contact with your broker to receive updates on the status of your sale. Find a broker that you enjoy working with!

Make sure you find a broker who is responsive. We live in an always on world and you want brokers who answer your emails and calls within a reasonable time frame. (This is also how you know they are also answering the calls and emails of potential buyers in a reasonable timeframe!)

Nothing is more frustrating than asking your broker important questions only to wait days or weeks for an answers. You can get a sense for how responsive someone might be in your initial conversations and exchanges.