How to identify high growth areas for your next route purchase

Many new investors want to focus their search in on areas that also have high population growth. Population growth does contribute to package growth. However, as we cautioned before, beware of route businesses in cities where outsized growth contributes to low unemployment rates and upward wage pressure. These can be expensive markets with substantial hiring challenges.

Planning on buying FedEx Ground routes in a metropolitan area? What you need to think about.

If you serve a metropolitan CSA you have unique factors to consider. To start, we find that in a strong economy it is more difficult to hire drivers in cities where there are many employers and unemployment rates tend to be low. However, because of the higher wages and deeper pool of talent, route businesses in metropolitan areas have the opportunity to secure smarter, highly capable employees.

What is the FedEx Ground large package network? Why are they called incompatible packages?

One of the ways FedEx Ground stands out among the crowd is its ability to receive and deliver large or incompatible packages. Think about all of the incredibly large items we can buy and sell online today that need some way to get from Point A to Point B: playground equipment, dining room tables, sets of tires, and more.

The Latest Details on FedEx Ground Bonuses and Why You May Read Conflicting Info

Here’s why you’re hearing more than one thing on bonuses: FedEx Ground historically awarded bonuses to contractors. However, FedEx Ground is in the process of phasing out bonuses and so some contractors have them and some do not. Understanding what bonuses used to do, why FedEx Ground is phasing them out, and what comes next is a critical piece of the puzzle as you model future finances.

The Need-to-Know Updates To Your FedEx Ground ISP Contracts

You are charging FedEx for your services. You will negotiate each of the following charges with FedEx. All of these charges combined account for money flowing into your business. It’s critical you understand how and when those charges occur. And how you can increase your cash flow! Following is a quick overview of the charges you will negotiate as part of your Independent Service Provider (ISP) contract.

FedEx Moves to 7-Day Delivery and Announces SmartPost Integration

Last week FedEx Ground announced 7-Day Residential Delivery for the entire year (not just during peak season). Along with that game-changing notice, FedEx Ground also revealed more about their plans to integrate SmartPost into Ground volume. Finally, the company also announced transformations in their large package or “incompatible package” capabilities.

Are FedEx Routes Good Investments?

Although it feels as if our world is already dominated by e-commerce, the market is not nearly done growing! We predict the e-commerce expansion to rise steadily for the next ten years. The total e-commerce volume will be so significant that we believe there will be enough business for all the current logistics players to sustain themselves and for new players to enter the market and thrive.