Route Consultants Celebrates a Record-Breaking 2018

January 28, 2019


Spencer Patton, Founder + President, Route Consultant,

Nashville, TN: Route Consultant has continued its track record of robust success—more than tripling its revenues in 2018 versus the prior year. Route Consultant is forecast to do over $30 million in transactional volume in FY 2019.

Route Consultant is now accepting new listings for FY 2019 from contractors in all 50 States and Canada.

Owning FedEx Ground routes, from a contractor’s perspective, offers a business model that few other industries can compete with. Owning a FedEx Ground contract means owning a business with no sales force, marketing expenses, research and development costs, investment, accounts receivable, or bad debt. Additionally, contractors are able to leverage the brand strength of FedEx Ground while taking advantage of the substantial depreciation and tax benefits to ownership.

— Spencer Patton, Founder + President, Route Consultant

Other details:

  • The team successfully facilitated transitions for clients acquiring stable, semi-absentee operations as well as fixer-upper style distressed turnaround opportunities.

  • Further, the Route Consultant team supported a wide range of financial arrangements including deals that were cash, conventional business loans, private equity placements, family office purchases, and Small Business Association (SBA) transactions.

Facts about the state of the industry*:

  • There are roughly 5,000 Independent Fedex Ground Contractors in the United States.

  • In our experience, the majority of contractors have revenue ranges from $400,000/year to over $20,000,000/year for some of the largest.

  • We approximate the collective revenue for FedEx Ground contractors to be about $7 Billion in annual revenue.

  • Route Consultant estimates that each year about 5% of Independent FedEx Ground Contractors sell their routes on the open market, equating to about 350 brokered business transactions per year. Some additional sales are completed on the private market from existing contractor to existing contractor.

About Route Consultant: Headquartered in Nashville, TN, our team of independent FedEx Ground contractors manages a fleet of 275 trucks and over 200 employees across the United States. Our routes include FedEx Ground, Home Delivery, and Linehaul. In addition to serving as Independent FedEx Ground Contractors, we offer extensive consulting services to new and experienced FedEx Ground route owners. These services include business valuations, operations/fleet management optimization, route efficiency analysis, and more. Finally, we operate as FedEx Ground route brokers, maintaining an exclusive listing of routes for sale across the United States. We give each of our route sellers access to a deep pool of qualified and educated buyers. (

*These figures are educated estimates based on our years of experience in the transportation industry. These are not official figures provided by FedEx Ground.

Note: Route Consultant is owned by a FedEx Ground Independent Contractor. Route Consultant is not affiliated with, financially sponsored by, nor otherwise connected to FedEx Ground.