Sponsor Setup

Setup Begins at 8:00 a.m. CST

contractor expo music city center

Sponsors may arrive to begin their Expo setup at 8:00 a.m. CST. Please do not arrive earlier. The Route Consultant team will be present to check in sponsors and assist you in finding your space and setting up your booth.

Sponsors booths will occupy Meeting Room 207 at the Music City Center. Expo presentations and entertainment will occur in a two related spaces: Rooms 208 and 209. You can view full floor plans for the Music City Center online.

Loading + Unloading

The entrance located at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Demonbreun Street is the most convenient entrance for loading or unloading materials. If you expect to need extensive loading/unloading time or you have oversized materials, please connect with the Route Consultant team for more details.


Parking is available inside the Music City Center garage at 201 Fifth Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203. There are three entrances to the garage: one on 7th Avenue and Demonbreun and two on 6th Avenue between Demonbreun and Korean Veterans Boulevard. The fully-automated system accepts debit and credit cards upon exit.

Booth Information

Booth Sizes

Unless upgraded, Gold Sponsors have a 6’x10’ booth with two provided chairs. Headline, Diamond, Platinum, and upgraded Gold Sponsorships have a 12’x10’ booth space with two provided chairs.

Table Sizes

Table dimensions will be as follows:

  • Overall Width: 30''

  • Overall Length: 6'

  • Overall Height: 29 1/2''

  • Lip of Table: 3/4"

Booth Location and Expo Layout

The exact location of your brand’s booth and the layout of all exhibits at Contractor Expo 2019 will be available in the coming weeks. If you have specific questions or requests regarding your booth location, please notify our Route Consultant team ASAP.


Your booth will only have power if your team requested power in our sponsorship form. You can review your brand’s invoice to see if power was included as part of your booth. If you need to add power, please notify our team by August 23.


Monitors/screens are available for sponsors to rent at their booth. The monitor, power cord, and HDMI cord are included in the rental.

  • 24'' Monitor 1-day Rental: $90

  • 32'' Monitor 1-day Rental: $120

Please place any monitor orders with us by August 12.

Internet Access

The Music City Center has free wi-fi available to all guests. You can count on this wi-fi connection for your business needs throughout the day. However, if you plan to feature streaming content (such as videos) at any point during your day, please plan to use a storage device or hotspot to ensure there are no connectivity issues.

Sponsor Notes + Reminders

MCC Regulations

If you are planning giveaways at your booth, please note that the Music City Center (MCC) does not allow helium balloons or adhesive backed decals. Additionally, MCC does not permit confetti or similar items.

No packing containers, wrapping materials or display materials may be stored under tables or behind booths; this material must be placed in storage. We will have staff on hand to help you with any storage needs.

Submit Raffle Prizes to Increase Your Brand's Visibility

Contractor Expo Raffle .jpg

We have an open call for raffle prize submissions. Let's pump up our contractors and give them even more ways to enjoy this event! Consider submitting free products, services, brand swag, etc. If you have the opportunity to sponsor vacations, getaways, or tours, we are ready and willing to promote those exciting opportunities. Submit raffle prizes by August 23.

Presentator Information

Presentation Time + Room

Our schedule is posted on our website. This schedule is subject to change and we will post updated schedules as soon as they become available. Presenters will receive their presentation room assignment upon check-in.

Set-up + Audio Visual

Each presentation slot will have a 15 minute set-up block preceding it. Your presentation room will be available to you during that time so you can connect with your team and test out the AV equipment.

The presentation spaces will have a "stage" area with a podium and screen if you need to project a presentation (if you wish, but not required). The presentation podium faces rows of chairs for attendees to use.

While there is wi-fi at the facility, we are asking all presenters to be sure to bring a storage device with your presentation (if applicable) so there are no last minute issues.

Presentation Attendance

We will not ask attendees to register for presentations in advance, but we will be promoting/announcing each presentation ahead of its slot.

We expect that some presentations may have standing room attendees, in addition to seated guests, if a presentation is particularly popular.

Sponsor Contacts

As you prepare for your day with us at Contractor Expo 2019, please reach out to the following contacts with logistics or marketing questions.


Kati Dinkens





Kylie Larson



Day of Contact

Bookmark this sponsor page please. We will post the name, email, and phone number for your day-of contact here. This will be the person you reach out to with any urgent needs or concerns.


Disclaimer: The Route Consultant Contractor Expo for FedEx Ground Contractors is not endorsed by and is not recommended by Federal Express Corporation and FedEx Ground. Route Consultant is not sponsored by, is not approved by, is not associated with, and has no connection whatsoever with Federal Express Corporation or FedEx Ground.