The Largest INdependent Gathering Of FedEx Ground Contractors This Year

Route Consultant, the industry’s top route broker, will host hundreds of FedEx Ground contractors from across the United States and Canada for a one-of-its-kind event in Nashville, TN.

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Route Consultant is paying every contractor that attends $300 cash to offset travel costs.

As a result, we expect a huge audience!

We are expecting to pay out over $100,000 in cash to contractors so they are able to attend. Sponsorship dollars go directly towards those payments so we can ensure a PACKED house. Our expectation is that this event will have at least 200 contractors (and we are prepared for that number to go much higher).

This is more than a conference

This is a rare opportunity for people from across the industry to be in a single space to learn, collaborate, and party together!

  • September 13, 2019: a FREE full day event lasting from 10 a.m. until midnight

  • 15,000 square feet of dedicated space in the Nashville Music City Center

  • Presentations and panels from industry experts and sponsors (like you!)

  • Lunch, dinner, and an open bar

  • A feature artist will perform after dinner at the City Center (it wouldn’t be Music City without a live concert!)

  • Current contractors, FedEx Ground employees, vendors, and sponsors will all converge in Music City for the event

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Sponsor contractor expo

Don't miss this opportunity to sponsor and attend the largest-ever independent event for FedEx Ground contractors.

Some of North America’s biggest and most influential contractors will attend. In one of the most rapidly changing times for FedEx contractors, be the vendor/sponsor that contractors view as ahead of the curve.

Several category levels of sponsorship are available.  


Disclaimer: The Route Consultant Contractor Expo for FedEx Ground Contractors is not endorsed by and is not recommended by Federal Express Corporation and FedEx Ground. Route Consultant is not sponsored by, is not approved by, is not associated with, and has no connection whatsoever with Federal Express Corporation or FedEx Ground.