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Free Business Valuation

It's critical to use an experienced FedEx Ground broker (with actual contracting experience) to price your route. We analyze the following items to provide an accurate market valuation on selling price:

  • Current revenue trends based on settlement revenue

  • Current expense tracking

  • Current cash flow trends based on above reporting

  • Cleanliness and availability of historical financials

  • Overlap status

  • Fleet composition and condition

Receive a business review and free fair market valuation in a matter of days.

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Hire an Expert Witness

As experienced expert witnesses, we provide a credible analysis and detailed valuation of any operation.  Our services include: 

  • Custom reports detailing fair valuation metrics

  • Analytical commentary on various misconceptions/risks

  • Expert opinions on buying, selling, and evaluating operations

  • Compelling testimony on all pertinent industry subject matter

Build a convincing  argument by  requesting an interview with an  expert.

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