Ready to Sell Your FedEx Ground Route?

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Sell with Route Consultant for access to our exclusive network of qualified buyers.


We know selling your routes can be a stressful experience. Thankfully, our RC team knows how to make the process faster, more confidential, and more profitable for you! Not only have we sold our own territories, but we have helped hundreds of other contractors through this transition.

Our team of experienced professionals facilitate the entire sales and closing process for each FedEx Ground route. You can focus on your current operation and your plans for the future. In turn, we work to deliver a top dollar return for your business.

Benefits of Listing With Route Consultant

  • Work with experienced contractors. We understand the FedEx Ground process from the inside out.

  • Get accurate market valuations based on historical performance that account for all of the unique characteristics of your business.

  • Receive access to our deep well of educated and prepared buyers; you can have confidence in their probability of FedEx Ground approval.

  • Avoid last minute renegotiations with buyers who don't understand your business.

  • Let us guide you through the critical sales steps and help you avoid a failed closing.

Recently Sold Routes

We have a history of navigating both P&D and linehaul route listings to a successful closing. Our listings span across the United States; and we represent operations of diverse size and composition. Each of our FedEx Ground route listings receives thousands of eyes on it via our website, newsletter, and personal connections.