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New FedEx Ground Business Startup Checklist


An easy-to-follow checklist that will walk you through each step you should take from the day you decide on a business until your first day as a contractor. This checklist guides beginners and experienced contractors through the necessary government incorporation steps, FedEx terminal staff requirements, and back office setup necessities. Don't miss a thing as you prepare for your first day as a FedEx Contractor!



Purchase Contract Template


Start with our Asset Purchase Agreement template and save thousands of dollars in attorney's revision costs! By using this template, your attorney may start with an industry-standard document, rather than forging an entirely new document. This asset purchase agreement is a Microsoft Word editable document—allowing you and your attorney to customize it to your specific transnational needs.

Custom Products

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Custom Employee Handbook


Reduce your stress and risk of oversight on your first day as a contractor by ordering our Custom Employee Handbook. After capturing some basic business details from you, we will follow best practices and industry standards to create an employee agreement/handbook personalized for your company. Your company can use this agreement for years to come as a strategy for securing quality employees and instilling a custom company culture that will drive profits and employee morale.


Custom Request for Vendor Information (RFI)


Set the right first impression with your terminal staff by purchasing a custom Request for Vendor Information (RFI) from our team of experts. Your RFI will align with your core competencies as a contractor and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the contracting world. Your RFI should leave terminal staff feeling confident in your industry knowledge, your operational efficiency, and your ability to overcome any potential challenges as a contractor.