How to Submit Proof of Funds

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 In order to protect both buyers and sellers, we require individuals submit proof of funds in order to view a detailed prospectus from one or more of our routes for sale.

What Type of Documentation Woks as Proof of Funds?

Some examples of acceptable documentation are as follows:

  • Print screen or screen shot of the summary page from your online banking account

  • Recent 401k statement

  • Copy of an ATM balance slip

  • A reference letter from your bank

What Format Do You Need?

Emailed documents may be in either PDF, JPG, or PNG format.

You can either export bank information into a PDF or screenshot it into a PNG file. If you have a physical statement you would like to send us, you can use to smartphone to capture the information and send it to us in JPG format via email.

What Do You Need to See in the Proof of Funds?

We need to be able to identify you and your available balance or account summary.

We do not require sensitive information such as your social security number (SSN). Please redact sensitive information such as you SSN.

How Do I Submit Proof of Funds?

We accept proof of funds via email or fax.

Email proof of funds to

Fax documents to 615-246-3888