Marquette, MI

Choose a Business with a Smooth Transition

  • The owner is currently managing the business and is willing to stay on as a manager for the new owner; this makes this business a fantastic opportunity for remote/absentee ownership

  • Current owner also willing to provide support in a transition period

  • Business has a stable employee base with low turnover

  • Operation is fully overlapped and ISP compliant

  • This operation is eligible for SBA financing

  • Truly gorgeous business setting: routes are located along the lakeside in Northern Michigan


  • Route Composition: 7 Routes

  • Employees: 7, Managers: 1

  • Seller's Reason For Selling: The Seller is approaching retirement and wants to decrease his responsibilities.

Financial Overview

  • Total Revenue: $751,348

  • Net Operating Income: $153,630

  • Value of the Fleet: $166,000

  • Listing Multiple: 4.07

  • Listing Price as a % of Annual Revenue: 83%

  • Years Owned: 11

The financial information presented is displayed as it was represented to Route Consultant. Buyers are encouraged to perform their own detailed financial due diligence.

Fleet Information

Fleet Notes

  • The miles per day for this fleet allows the owner to maximize profit while minimizing expensive maintenance

  • Two (2) spare fleet vehicles

  • All vehicles transfer to a new owner free and clear

Vehicle Listing

  1. 2013 Morgan Olson P1000

  2. 2013 Ford P700

  3. 2014 Morgan Olson P1000

  4. 2015 Morgan Olson P1000

  5. 2016 Ford P800

  6. 2017 Ford P1000

  7. 2002 Ford P350

  8. 2000 Chevrolet P300

  9. 2003 Chevrolet P300