Houston, TX

Own a Business with an Extraordinary Company Culture

  • Incredibly LOW employee turnover—some drivers here have been with the company over a decade; the staff in this business is one of the most stable we have ever seen!

  • Stability of the staff and overall business allows the owner consistent expenses and he is able to forecast and model his financials easily

  • Dense, low-mileage routes in this operation

  • This operation has already undergone the ISP transition and is fully compliant

  • Long-time owner (12+ years) committed to a strong, positive transfer


  • Route Composition: 13 Routes

  • Employees: 13, Managers: 1

  • Seller's Reason For Selling: Seller is retiring.

  • Years Owned: 12

Financial Overview

  • Total Revenue: $1,477,354

  • Net Operating Income: $245, 554

  • Value of the Fleet: $408,000

  • Listing Price as a % of Annual Revenue: 81%

The financial information presented is displayed as it was represented to Route Consultant. Buyers are encouraged to perform their own detailed financial due diligence.

Fleet Information

Fleet Notes

  • Low-mileage routes require less maintenance and fewer new vehicle purchases

  • All vehicles transfer to a new owner free and clear

Fleet Listing

  1. 2019 Freightliner Walk In P1200

  2. 2018 Freightliner Walk In P1200

  3. 2017 Freightliner Walk In P1200

  4. 2017 Freightliner Box P1200

  5. 2014 Freightliner Walk In P1200

  6. 2011 Freightliner Walk In P1200

  7. 2011 Freightliner Walk In P1200

  8. 2008 Freightliner Walk In P1200

  9. 2007 International Straight Truck

  10. 2007 Freightliner Walk In P1000

  11. 2007 Chevrolet Pick Up P350

  12. 2005 Isuzu Straight Truck

  13. 2001 International Walk In P1200