Bowling Green, KY


  • Route Composition: 12 Routes

  • Employees: 13

  • Manager(s): 1

  • Seller's Reason For Selling: The Seller is looking to divest his FedEx holdings and focus on other interests.

Financial Overview

  • Total Revenue: $1,284,296

  • Net Operating Income: $151,031

  • Value of the Fleet: $255,000

  • Listing Price as a % of Annual Revenue: 35%

Fleet Information

  • Operation comes with a complete fleet. More details available upon request.

  • Value of fleet included in asking price.

  • All vehicles transfer to a new owner free and clear.

Listing Price: $450,000

The financial information presented is displayed as it was represented to Route Consultant. Buyers are encouraged to perform their own detailed financial due diligence.