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What is SmartPost? New Volume and Routes For FedEx Ground

Currently, USPS completes the last mile delivery of these SmartPost packages. However, USPS and FedEx Ground are modifying the agreement so that FedEx Ground will roll out SmartPost last mile delivery across the United States. Most FedEx Ground territories are going to see a significant volume increase—we predict a jump of 25-100% in most markets!

NEW DATES ADDED! Route Consultant's Contractor Summit

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Update: We were thrilled by the enthusiastic response to our May Summit. We sold out four weeks in advance and had a long waitlist. Because of this, we are proud to announce an additional Summit date in June.

June 21, 2019 · Nashville, TN

A Learning Experience for Potential Investors

Interest and competition for FedEx Ground routes increases year after year. A look at the details reveal that FedEx Ground routes are a fantastic bet!

Because of this fervor we are experiencing a steep increase in the number of potential FedEx Ground route investors seeking guidance. To best serve highly interested investors, we are offering this content-rich summit: a crash course in FedEx Ground routes.

Key Summit Benefits

  • Content-packed summit covering the breadth and depth of a FedEx Ground route investment, plus content personalized to your needs and extensive time for additional questions

  • Led by an actual FedEx Ground route owner and logistics expert, Spencer Patton

  • Additional presentations and information from other industry insiders

  • Networking and one-on-one opportunities intentionally built into the summit schedule

  • Opening refreshments, group luncheon, and optional dinner out in Nashville

  • Centrally located in Nashville, TN at the Richland Country Club; easy access from I-65 and the Nashville International Airport (BNA)

  • If you use our brokerage to buy a FedEx Ground route, we will refund $500 of your summit cost at closing!

The Worst Case: FedEx Ground Contract Termination

Terminating a contract can provide serious service interruptions for FedEx Ground customers and is a critical issue. FedEx Ground aims to provide seamless delivery service for all areas of operation.

This being said, it is rare for a contractor to lose their FedEx Ground contract. Further, contractors almost always receive opportunities to resolve issues in advance of a contract termination

Financing FedEx Routes for Sale: How to Minimize Your Down Payment

The standard minimum down payment for a conventional bank loan is 25%. For an average priced route ($850,000), you would need a down payment around $212,500. This is a hefty amount of cash on hand. Plus, we recommend holding back approximately $50,000 of additional liquid funds as working capital.

If you are wondering about options to minimize or reduce your down payment requirements, you’re not alone.

How to Conduct Due Diligence on FedEx Routes for Sale

As you consider buying FedEx Ground routes for sale you need to know that these businesses are structurally simple and niche. What do we mean by that?

If you know what to look for, conducting due diligence on a FedEx Ground operation can be straightforward. However, if you approach due diligence with these routes as you would a more traditional business for sale you are going to miss key flags.

Before You Buy: 5 Questions to Ask About FedEx Routes for Sale

When you like the looks of a route for sale: ask these questions next:

How comfortable am I with the presented financials? What is the Listing Multiple telling me? What is this business’s ISP compliance and overlap status? Does this business meet my involvement preferences? What is the current quality of the fleet and how will that impact future business revenue and expenses?

FedEx Routes for Sale

FedEx Ground routes run Monday through Friday. Ground routes deliver primarily to commercial businesses and the packages tend to be heavier than residential packages and require larger trucks. Because deliveries occur to commercial locations, there is less seasonal variability in FedEx Ground routes and that can make planning your staff and resources simpler.

Why You Should Buy FedEx Routes for Sale from Route Consultant

We hope you’ll consider using Route Consultant as your consultant or broker in the process. We are FedEx brokers and consultants with actual FedEx contracting experience. We have experience in Home Delivery, Ground, and Linehaul routes. And our team has worked across the United States managing a fleet of over 250 trucks and a staff of over 200 drivers!

Distinguish Yourself as a Buyer: Secure the Best FedEx Routes for Sale

Are you having trouble getting a response from a route broker? Or, are you finding that every listing that peaks your interest is under contract before you ever even make contact with the broker? In this industry, there are 20 prospective buyers for every FedEx route for sale listing you see. As we noted previously, the market is hot!