Why You Should Buy FedEx Routes for Sale from Route Consultant

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In this series we’ve talked about Why You Should Invest in FedEx Ground Routes, How to Find FedEx Routes for Sale, and How to Distinguish Yourself as a Buyer.

We want to conclude with a plug for ourselves!

We hope you’ll consider using Route Consultant as your consultant or broker in the process.

We are FedEx Ground brokers and consultants with actual FedEx Ground contracting experience. We have experience in Home Delivery, Ground, and Linehaul routes. And our team has worked across the United States managing a fleet of over 250 trucks and a staff of over 200 drivers!

We are invested in this business day in and day out and our advice to you comes from many hard learned lessons.

As a result of our experiences, our team has successfully negotiated many lucrative contracts with FedEx Ground. Furthermore, we work with countless vendors and lending institutions that assist FedEx contractors. We can answer questions from someone brand new to FedEx routes and we can also assist experienced contractors looking to level up.

What do our consulting services look like?

We can walk a new buyer through every step of the process. We provide a startup checklist for free (and that’s absolutely something you should check out!); additionally our consulting packages give you someone to call or email with for all of the small and big questions that will come along in the process—you can start with a free introductory consult.

Our guidance includes things like understanding contract terms, optimizing your operations and fleet management. We also help buyers complete a business valuation. How do you look at a sale price and determine if the operation is worth that investment? We can complete the valuation and walk you through the logic.

Finally, in this day and age where driver recruitment and retention is critical to business success, we can offer consulting in recruitment and retention. We can also advise you on finding and retaining a qualified manager for your operation.

What does it mean to buy a FedEx Ground route with us?

Every listing on our website is exclusive. This means we’re the only business to hold this listing and we’ve done initial due diligence with the seller. We work extensively with each seller to prepare their business for sale, getting the financials ready for you (the buyer) to dig into. We also help sellers understand how to appropriately price their route and we advise them on their sale price.

Our breadth and depth of experience allows us to steer potential buyers to the best listings for them: the routes that will meet their geographic, involvement, and financial preferences.

Additionally, because we’ve guided many new contractors, we understand exactly what FedEx Ground is looking for in a new contractor. We have a 100% FedEx Ground approval rate for our buyers.

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