What is the FedEx Ground large package network? Why are they called incompatible packages?

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The FedEx Ground Large Package Network is Distinctive

One of the ways FedEx Ground stands out among the crowd is its ability to receive and deliver large or incompatible packages. Think about all of the incredibly large items we can buy and sell online today that need some way to get from Point A to Point B: playground equipment, dining room tables, sets of tires, and more.

We often refer to these large packages as incompatible packages because they do not fit onto a 4-foot wide conveyer belt. They require special handling in the distribution centers.

FedEx Ground is the industry leader in incompatible packages and it is a substantial portion of their business.

What is the Large Package Network?

In an effort to improve their handling of incompatible packages, FedEx Ground invested in the large package infrastructure.

In a 2019 press release FedEx Ground noted they would soon have designated sorting areas for large packages in 40 facilities prior to Peak season, with additional facilities receiving large package sorting areas afterwards.

Further, the press release noted that some locations in the country will have entire facilities dedicated to the large package network.

FedEx noted that the large package network will give contractors the opportunity to optimize the packages on their trucks and the corresponding routes.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

FedEx is undergoing a great deal of change in recent years and we think it’s critical you stay abreast of these changes:

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