New FedEx Contractor Step-By-Step Instruction Manual

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It’s finally here! Our New FedEx Ground Contractor Checklist has been a hit for some time now, and the complementary manual is now ready for download.

The PDF is a step-by-step instruction manual that goes hand-in-hand with the startup checklist to break down each step of the startup process. This instruction manual not only explains what is required to satisfy each step of the registration process in greater detail, but also shows examples of the documents you need to complete and tips on where to find them.

We’ve packed A LOT into this 20 page manual. Check out our Table of Contents:

  • Establishing Your FedEx Ground Business

    • Step 1: Government Incorporation

    • Step 2: Complete FedEx Ground Request for Vendor Information (RFI)

    • Step 3: Senior Manager Email

    • Step 4: Safety Plan

    • Step 5: Terminal Visit

  • Completing Your Business Set-Up with FedEx Ground

  • Back Office Set-Up

  • Stand-Up Week

  • Appendix: Sample Safety Plan

Spend less time on paperwork and more time learning about being an efficient operator! You can hop on over to our Resources to see the full range of downloads/help we offer.

Or, download the new manual below ↓