How to Buy FedEx Routes for Sale

Photo by Nathan Anderson

As an investor, you have many options for maximizing your time and capital. One of the strongest opportunities investors have today, however, is FedEx routes for sale.

You can buy, operate, and sell the routes that move FedEx packages from one location to the next. FedEx Ground routes have a long history of solid profit margins and FedEx Ground as a company continues to outpace performance expectations. There’s much to love about this type of investment!

If you’re just dipping your toes in the waters, here are your next steps:

Do Your Research

Identify whether you want to purchase pickup and delivery (P&D) routes or linehaul routes (or both!).

Decide where you want to buy a route and get the details on how geography impacts FedEx routes for sale.

Understand what good profit margins in the industry look like: how much money can you make if you buy a FedEx Ground route?

Narrow in on the right purchase price for your route and know ahead of time whether you will pay cash for your route or will plan to finance the route.

Know how to distinguish yourself as a buyer for the most competitive routes.

Think ahead to recruiting and retaining your best FedEx Ground route managers and drivers.

Evaluate your route options

Every listing on our website is exclusive. This means we’re the only business to hold this listing and we’ve done initial due diligence with the seller. We work extensively with each seller to prepare their business for sale, getting the financials ready for you (the buyer) to dig into. We also help sellers understand how to appropriately price their route and we advise them on their sale price.

Our breadth and depth of experience allows us to steer potential buyers to the best listings for them: the routes that will meet their geographic, involvement, and financial preferences.

Additionally, because we’ve guided many new contractors, we understand exactly what FedEx Ground is looking for in a new contractor. We have a 100% FedEx Ground approval rate for our buyers.

Talk to a Real Person

If you’ve done thorough research online, it’s time to start talking with someone who can help you take your search to the next level.

Our team can guide you through your next step questions, help you evaluate our listings and which route may be the right fit for you, and she can help you get a to-do list together as you consider financing, establishing the business, and transitioning into a new business.