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In case this is your first stop on the research train, let’s start with an overview of FedEx Ground.

There are two sides FedEx Ground operations: pickup and delivery (P&D) routes and linehaul runs.

  • P&D routes include both ground delivery (primarily commercial businesses) and home delivery (residential addresses).

  • Linehaul runs are the large semi-trucks you see on the highway that move freight from one area of the country to another.

More about FedEx P&D Routes

Within P&D routes, ground routes deliver primarily to businesses and the packages tend to be heavier than residential packages and require larger trucks. Because deliveries occur to commercial locations, there is less seasonal variability in ground routes and that can make planning your staff and resources simpler.

Historically, contractors could purchase just ground routes. That’s no longer the case. FedEx Ground routes are now only one side of the FedEx Ground pick-up and delivery (P&D) operation and FedEx Ground requires Independent Service Providers (ISPs) to hold both ground routes and home delivery routes in a designated territory. This is known as overlap.

Home delivery routes often have smaller to medium trucks and boxes. Additionally, you can expect high seasonal variability (with the holiday rush in November and December—known as Peak Season—accounting for a larger percentage of annual revenue).

As of 2019, both home delivery and ground routes operate six days per week. This is a significant change from previous years when ground delivery operated Monday through Friday and home delivery operated only Tuesday through Saturday. This change required contractors to think strategically about their staffing plans and vehicle maintenance.

Although you may hear of some contractors who still hold only ground routes, FedEx Ground requires all contractors to complete the transition to ISP (and have overlap in their territories) by Summer 2020.

More about FedEx Linehaul Runs

Linehaul runs are long distance, ranging from several hundred to several thousand miles. Linehaul runs may be dedicated (with a known start and end location), unassigned (with varied locations), or spot runs (which operate similar to P&D transports).

Because linehaul runs are not tied to business or residential delivery, linehaul operators have the flexibility to drive 24 hours per day with team setups. There are also solo linehaul runs that do not need to leverage a full 24 hours.

Linehaul drivers must hold a valid CDL license drive semi-trucks from your fleet.

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