FedEx Ground Business For Sale

Photo via Alexander Popov

Ready to buy a FedEx Ground Business for sale?

Fact: the person coming to your door driving a FedEx Ground truck and wearing a FedEx Ground uniform is NOT a FedEx Ground employee.

Maybe this is new information to you, or maybe you’ve known it for awhile, but I find that tidbit surprises almost everyone I tell.

To deliver its packages, FedEx Ground relies on a network of Independent Service Providers (ISPs). Investors own and operate their own businesses and provide a service to FedEx Ground based on a negotiated contract. We believe this FedEx Ground contracting business segment is one of the most well hidden investment opportunities in the United States!

There are a healthy number of FedEx ground businesses on the market right now. Why are contractors selling? For a variety of reasons, including:

  • Route scale requirements

  • Overlap requirements

  • Required transitions from Independent Contractors (IC) to ISPs

You can see in each of our routes for sale listings the reason a seller is listing their routes.

Ready to do some more research on FedEx Ground businesses for sale? Here’s your first steps: