Changes and Threats

What is the FedEx Ground large package network? Why are they called incompatible packages?

One of the ways FedEx Ground stands out among the crowd is its ability to receive and deliver large or incompatible packages. Think about all of the incredibly large items we can buy and sell online today that need some way to get from Point A to Point B: playground equipment, dining room tables, sets of tires, and more.

FedEx Moves to 7-Day Delivery and Announces SmartPost Integration

Last week FedEx Ground announced 7-Day Residential Delivery for the entire year (not just during peak season). Along with that game-changing notice, FedEx Ground also revealed more about their plans to integrate SmartPost into Ground volume. Finally, the company also announced transformations in their large package or “incompatible package” capabilities.

Is Amazon Logistics a Threat to FedEx Ground? What You Actually Need to Consider.

Amazon has its own last mile delivery trucks now. Amazon is starting its own delivery business. Amazon has a new fleet of planes. Amazon is investing in drones. Amazon is building a logistics hub in Kentucky. Amazon is a major threat to FedEx and USPS. Amazon is building the Death Star. Amazon hates Ewoks.

Every week we see some version of this story.

What is SmartPost? New Volume and Routes For FedEx Ground

Currently, USPS completes the last mile delivery of these SmartPost packages. However, USPS and FedEx Ground are modifying the agreement so that FedEx Ground will roll out SmartPost last mile delivery across the United States. Most FedEx Ground territories are going to see a significant volume increase—we predict a jump of 25-100% in most markets!

The Worst Case: FedEx Ground Contract Termination

Terminating a contract can provide serious service interruptions for FedEx Ground customers and is a critical issue. FedEx Ground aims to provide seamless delivery service for all areas of operation.

This being said, it is rare for a contractor to lose their FedEx Ground contract. Further, contractors almost always receive opportunities to resolve issues in advance of a contract termination