Are drones a threat to FedEx ground routes?

Photo by Jason Blackeye

Drones have been flying through the news for years: they’re going to be the fastest, most efficient way to deliver packages according to their endorsers. 

But is that really the case? And what does that mean for you as a FedEx Ground contractor?

Drones are not an imminent threat. 

Not only is drone technology still in the fledgling stages, drones have a multitude of limitations that diminish their use.

For starters, present day drones can only carry single packages up to five pounds. While this may be helpful for quick purchases, any customer who orders two items is out of luck. And with a five-pound limit, how will anyone ever get their Chewy deliveries?

Further, at this stage in their development drones can only fly in daylight with low winds and good visibility. Drones cannot complete deliveries with no rain, snow, or ice in the air. Obviously, a solid fleet of trucks is capable of much more than present day drones. 

And finally, fully functional and versatile drones are far-off in development. The US government is reluctant to allow drones to operate in its airspace. Most drone tests are currently held in Europe. 

Have no fear about your current FedEx Ground routes or buying a FedEx Ground route. Drones won’t be swooping in to steal your business anytime soon.