P&D Routes

Looking to Buy a FedEx Route? Here’s Why You Should Start With P&D Routes

f you are considering investing in a FedEx Ground route for the first time we recommend starting with a pickup and delivery (P&D) FedEx Ground business. For many new contractors, it can be easier to begin with FedEx Ground P&D routes and then scale up so that your entity includes linehaul runs.

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Route Consultant, the industry’s top route broker, will host hundreds of FedEx Ground contractors from across the United States and Canada for a one-of-its-kind event in Nashville, TN. Route Consultant is paying every contractor that attends $300 cash to offset travel costs. In addition to industry panels and presentations, the event will feature a private concert in the heart of Music City and an open bar.

How Route Businesses Pay FedEx Ground Drivers

In our experience, the salaries and wages (payroll) in a FedEx Ground route business cost between 40 and 50% of total business revenue. This is the largest line item expense in your profit and loss (P&L) statement. It’s no wonder then that many prospective business owners want more details about how drivers get paid.

Buying a FedEx Route? Here's the Details on FedEx Ground Bonuses

For Independent Service Providers (ISPs), Independent Contractors (ICs), and linehaul operations, FedEx offers bonuses to contractors that go above and beyond. 

Bonuses can add a substantial amount to your overall revenue each year. Whether you are an existing FedEx contractor or looking to buy a FedEx route, obtaining contractor bonuses should absolutely be part of your financial goals and strategies. 

FedEx Routes for sale: P&D Routes vs. Linehaul Runs

There are two distinct types of FedEx routes, and if you are considering buying a FedEx route, it’s important to figure out if you want to purchase pick-up and delivery (P&D) routes or a linehaul run.

There are important and significant difference between FedEx P&D routes and FedEx linehaul runs.