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How to Become an Approved FedEx Ground Driver

Maybe you are interested in becoming a pickup and delivery (P&D) FedEx driver? Or, perhaps you are a FedEx P&D route owner and you are looking to add more drivers to your team?

The salary and benefits for FedEx drivers are excellent! And the good news is that the path to becoming an approved FedEx driver is relatively straight-forward.

How to Find and Retain the Right Manager for Your FedEx Ground Business

On occasion existing managers choose to leave their position when a sale is in process. They may have stayed only to help out the previous owner or they may be looking for new work with someone they already know. Whatever the reason for their departure, it can add stress to the transition.

Buying a FedEx Ground Route? Understand Why Contractors Sell.

FedEx contractors cite many reasons for selling their FedEx routes: they are ready to retire, spend more time with family, or simply get a change of pace.

At the current moment, however, there is another reason so many contractors are selling their FedEx routes: FedEx is currently undergoing major changes to make the business more efficient and profitable.