August 9, 2019

FedEx Summit.jpg

New INvestor Summit

A Learning Experience for Potential Investors

Interest and competition for FedEx Ground routes increases year after year. A look at the details reveal that these routes are a fantastic bet. Because of this fervor we are experiencing a steep increase in the number of potential route investors seeking guidance. To best serve highly interested investors, we are offering this content-rich summit: a crash course in FedEx Ground routes.

September 13, 2019

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Contractor Expo

The Largest Independent Gathering of FedEx Ground Contractors This Year

Route Consultant, the industry’s top route broker, will host hundreds of FedEx Ground contractors from across the United States and Canada for a one-of-its-kind event in Nashville, TN. Route Consultant is paying every contractor that attends $300 cash to offset travel costs. In addition to industry panels and presentations, the event will feature a private concert in the heart of Music City and an open bar.