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Personalized Consulting


One-on-One Support for FedEx Ground Buyers

Thinking about buying a FedEx Ground route? Our team with actual FedEx Ground contracting experience can guide you through your investment from start to finish.

Get personalized guidance on your investment.

In-Person Learning Experiences


New Investor Summit in Nashville, TN

Interest and competition for FedEx Ground routes increases year after year. A look at the details reveal that these routes are a fantastic bet.

Because of this fervor we are experiencing a steep increase in the number of potential route investors seeking guidance. To best serve highly interested investors, we are offering this content-rich summit: a crash course in FedEx Ground routes.

Profitability Consulting


Guaranteed Savings for Current Contractors

As the largest FedEx route brokers, we’ve seen great contractors and poor ones – let us teach you the best tips and tricks to save you real dollars that you didn’t even know you could be saving!

Our team of experienced professionals will thoroughly review your operation in a variety of areas to drive additional profits straight to your bottom line!