Welcome to a top line haul opportunity!

This listing features an established operation with tenured, smart drivers. The runs here are high mileage runs with one solo run and 13 prime team runs. This is one of FedEx’s fastest growing markets!


Financial Overview

  • Run Composition: 13 Team Runs + 1 Solo Run

  • Employees: 27 Drivers + 1 Manager

  • Seller's Reason For Selling: Seller is diversifying his FedEx holdings to pursue other opportunities.

  • Total Revenue: $6,659,141

  • Net Operating Income: $1,587,859

  • Asking Multiple: 3.29

The financial information presented is displayed as it was represented to Route Consultant. Buyers are encouraged to perform their own detailed financial due diligence.

Key Benefits

  • Territories in this region are growing over 15% per year due to:

    • Booming E-Commerce (Amazon.com, Walmart.com, etc.)

    • A shifting online consumer shopping culture

  • Very tax-efficient business due to the truck depreciation

  • No franchise royalties, marketing expenses, research and development costs, inventory overhead, or real estate to own

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